Adelitas, Past and a Present of a Tradition

Present a fashion show about the rebozo: The History of the Rebozo Through Time
Oralia Ceron and Silvia Rojo  in Toluca, Nov. '09.
Have you ever seen a documentary video about the history of Mexican women on horseback?

Charreria researcher Oralia G. de Ceron, passionate to get to the root of things, gives us the film "Las Adelitas Pasado y Presente de una Tradicion," or "Adelitas, Past and a Present of a Tradition."

Finished in 2003, the film features interviews with the people who started the first escaramuza in 1953, including the parents of the six children from the families Camacho Elorriaga and Ruiz Loredo and the "children" themselves as adults.
Unfortunately, the film risks getting lost in the past, as it has not been marketed. If you're interested in her film, contact De Ceron directly.

De Ceron is known among escaramuza riders for her annual fashion shows about Mexico's traditional "rebozo," or shawl titled: "Rebozo Through Time."
Shows a rebozo, or shawl, at a fashion show about the history of the rebozo in Toluca, Mexico
Minerva Sckapole shows a "rebozo" in Toluca, Nov. 2009
The cat walk style shows are a fantastic way to see first hand Mexico's traditional indigenous and colonial clothing used by the women from the nation's various regions. De Ceron organizes the show along with Silvia Garcia de Rojo and Minerva Sckapole every year.

For details on upcoming events, contact De Ceron by email.

Contact for De Ceron

Above is a gallery of photographs from De Ceron's event in 2009. Photos by Leslie Mazoch