Gladys Roldan de Moras - Painter

Here's an artist who lets us peep into her studio and watch the evolution of her work. Gladys Roldan de Moras' Facebook page What's on my Easel exhibits her paintings in a series of photographs taken at different points in time. Here she invites you to see how her paintings mature, using a style she describes as "representational impressionism," from charcoal sketches into colorful masterpieces.  

Painter Gladys Roldan de Moras

While raised in Monterrey, Mexico by her Mexican mother and Colombian father, it was her charro grandfather who introduced her to her nation's sport of charreria. But it wasn't until decades later after moving to San Antonio, Texas that she fell in love with this female charreria sport and started putting it on canvas. Roldan de Moras says she was especially drawn to the riders' dedication to their training, their horses' skill and everything about their dresses.

Charro Ernesto M. Olivares Villareal 1933 in Monterrey
Her grandfather Ernesto M. Olivares Villarreal in Monterrey
on Christmas Eve 1933.
"I know that he would have enjoyed to know that despite the tradition of charreria did not continue on with his own sons, it did somehow find its way into my art."

Roldan de Moras is a full time artist who teaches oil painting at the Coppini Academy Of Fine Arts in San Antonio. She has also illustrated children books.  Every summer she returns to her home in northern Mexico, offering workshops and taking back inspiration for her next painting.

Painter Gladys Roldan de Moras
The above painting, titled "Escaramuza in San Antonio," won her the Best of Show prize at
the American Impressionist Society's national juried show in 2012 and a $15,000.00 award.

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