Miguel Pascual - President-elect for the Mexican Charreria Federation

Late Sept. 24, 2012, Miguel Pascual, the son of former Mexican Charreria Federation President Carlos Pascual, was elected to be the next president of the same federation. Carlos Pascual says it's the first time in the history of the federation that the son of a former president is elected to such a post.

Miguel Pascual and his father Carlos Enqrique
Miguel Pascual, left, with his father Carlos before a charreada at La Tapatia in Mexico City on Dec. 4, 2010.
Back in 1991, Carlos Pascual supported the integration of women into charreria and put the federation voting council to a vote on the matter. They voted on including (or not) the female-discipline of escaramuza into Mexico's national sport of charreria as an official sport. The vote was 'yes' and the escaramuza was added to the federation's bylaws. Since then, two escaramuza teams enter the arena after the sport of "colas" during a charreada. For decades, before this vote, escaramuza riders waited until charreadas were over to enter arenas. Today, it's hard to imagine a charreada without the sport of the escaramuza.

The Art of the Escaramuza wrote a post about Carlos Pascual because of his contribution to the female sport. Below is an audio-slideshow about the story of the escaramuza including his interview by photojournalist Leslie Mazoch.