Soledad Caldera - Escaramuza Fashion Designer

The Art of the Escaramuza Soledad Caldera began running her own dress making operation in 1997 when she decided to start working for herself.

Out of a tiny studio in her city of Jerez de Garcia Salinas in Mexico's Zacatecas state, she started churning out her own clothing designs for the men and women of charreria, or Mexican rodeo.  Today she has a succesful business and operates her store Confecciones Caldera.

As a little girl Caldera started sewing clothes with her mother who made their family's everyday wear on her grandparent's ranch: Rancho Los Aparicios.

The Art of the Escaramuza

The Art of the Escaramuza It was her upbringing on that  farm that inspired her to specialize in charro fashion. When she was a teenager in 1978, her family moved to the city where she started working as a seamstress for a store that specialized in cowboy wear. After 17 years, she struck out on her own.

Today Caldera travels all over Mexico and even as far as the U.S. to take the measurements for escaramuza teams that hire her to design their uniforms. She also designs quite a few charra wedding dresses and charra quinceaneara dresses.

Francisco Villa 105
Jerez de Garcia Salinas
Zacatecas, Mexico

Phone Numbers
 Called locally : 494.945.0504
Called from outside Jerez but within Mexico : 01.494.945.0504
 Called from the U.S.: 011.52.494.945.0504