Escaramuza: Soul, Life & Heart

One of Mexico City´s first escaramuza fairs of 2014 showcased young riders and teams that had just recently formed. This audiovisual brings you some of the sites and sounds from the event, hosted by the escaramuza team Santa Rosa de Lima at their lienzo Charro del Peñon. A rider explains why she loves her sport so much, and the announcer talks about the women´s soul, life and heart over the speaker system.

The courage and enthusiasm of these young horsewomen was palpable. To close the event, they gathered inside the arena for the awards ceremony, but it was clear to all that the most important thing to them was their love for their charreria sport : Escaramuza.

For English subtitles, after clicking ¨play,¨then click the CC at the bottom right of the youtube window.