Don Garron : a charro of many trades

Don Garron´s charro suit embroidered with his name on his tie
Don Garron wears many hats. First, he´s 100% charro. He is also a vet. He´s a chef of traditional Mexican food. He´s also a photographer.

The Art of the Escaramuza discovered Don Garron dishing out tacos at rodeo events around the capital city, dressed in his signature charro suit and being his warm, hearty self with his patrons.

Meet Don Garron in this short audiovisual made during an escaramuza fair in Mexico City where the escaramuza was born : El Rancho Charro, or the National Association of Charros.

For English subtitles, after clicking ¨play,¨then click the CC at the bottom right of the youtube window.