Patricia Dealba Gonzalez - Escaramuza Dressmaker

Photo by Leslie Mazoch

Patricia Dealba Gonzalez
Mexico City
Cell 044.55.3445.6236
From outside Mexico +52.155.3445.6236

Patricia Dealba Gonzalez made her first "adelita" dress in 1988 for her daughter. It was a miniature version of the uniform worn by the members of the escaramuza team "Las Calandrias" at her rodeo club Carlos Rincon Gallardo. People noticed her daughter's dress and began contracting her to sew their daughters' dresses. Little by little the creation of dresses for escaramuza riders became her business.

Dealba Gonzalez has designed outfits for many escaramuza teams and designed over a dozen dresses in 2010 especially for the "Queen of the Mexican Charro Federation," Laura del Bosque.